Welcome to Awe-Inspired and Retired! Caleb and Riley discuss what you should be monitoring in retirement to stay on track. Should it be year by year tax? Estate tax? Clawbacks? RRIF minimums? Rates of return? Research shows that we really have no idea what is most important as we enter retirement, so it should be of no surprise that we also don’t know what metrics we should be tracking either. Join us as we dive into what is most important to keep tabs on in retirement. What things should be measured and what metrics should be tracked.

Learn more about:

  • The key items and metrics retirees should be monitoring during retirement
  • Why your annual investment return is not one of the primary metrics
  • The benefits of having your key metrics and financial plan summarized on a one page dashboard
  • Trends in retirement timing from semi-retirements to multiple retirements

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Money is an absolutely essential ingredient in retirement planning, but it’s not the only one. The vast majority of retirees say that in addition to saving for retirement and managing finances in retirement, it is important to think about what they will do to stay healthy, where they should live, how they will maintain or improve family relationships and the activities that will give them a sense of purpose.“
  • “For many retirees, their mortgage is paid off, which makes taxes their biggest expense. It’s not uncommon for our projections to show retirees paying $500,000 to $2 million dollars in taxes throughout their retirement. Taxes are determined by income, and in retirement you have a lot of control over your income! Tracking and actively aiming to reduce taxes should be top of mind.“


Hosted by Caleb Miller and Riley Anderson of InvestorDNA

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