Do you think the next 30 years will look like the previous 30 years?

We certainly don’t and as you transition into retirement, it is important to structure your investments to create a predictable, sustainable, and tax-efficient income for life.

Retirement Income

We assist you in transforming your savings into a steady source of income during retirement.

Leveraging years of academic research, our strategy aims to:

  • Minimize your taxes
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance your investments
  • Maximize your spending

Moreover, we understand the complexities of diverse income sources— including the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security,  pensions, rental revenues, required minimum withdrawals, and more.

We intentionally coordinate all your retirement income sources to ensure tax efficiency and longevity while avoiding any excess tax payouts.

Why choose us?

Because retiring doesn’t mean stepping into a higher tax bracket. We firmly believe that a successful retirement plan hinges on maintaining a reasonable tax threshold throughout your golden years.

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Government Benefits Timing

As experts in retirement income planning, we guide you in pinpointing the optimal month to start receiving your government benefits (CPP and OAS).

In this process, we meticulously assess how your government benefits will harmonize with various other revenue streams, including but not limited to:

  • Income from property rentals
  • Pension income
  • Part-time income
  • Required minimum withdrawals
  • Earnings from dividends and interest
  • Capital gains

Beyond financial aspects, we take a holistic approach by considering familial health histories, benefits for your spouse, and individual preferences, among other factors, to craft a plan that is uniquely yours.

Our comprehensive analysis of your financial situation enables us to devise a government benefits strategy that not only minimizes your tax liabilities during retirement but also maximizes your income flow.

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Retirement Planning

Experience peace of mind with our retirement income services, designed to secure your financial future without the fear of depleting your resources.

We empower you with the assurance and transparency you need to enjoy many more years focusing on what truly matters to you.

Our approach to retirement planning encompasses:

  • Enhancing and monitoring the viability of your strategy
  • Transforming your retirement savings into a steady income stream
  • Continuous tax saving reviews  to lessen your tax liabilities
  • Aligning the changing elements of your financial situation to create a smoother retirement journey
  • Leveraging cutting-edge financial planning tools to construct a flexible and responsive plan that evolves with your life circumstances, all while demystifying the complexities through straightforward communication.

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Insurance Optimization

Our insurance planning is designed to bolster your security while reducing your yearly costs.

Our financial planning first approach ensures that our guidance is always in your best interest, free from any ulterior motives.

We stand by the principle of recommending only what you genuinely require, fostering a trust-based relationship where your peace of mind is our primary concern.

Our process involves a meticulous insurance analysis to understand your unique needs. Following this, we and our partners guide you in exploring the entire market to identify the most favourable policy at the most competitive price. Additionally, we assist in gracefully exiting insurance policies that aren’t serving you.

We are committed to offering regular, detailed reviews for our clients, encompassing a range of insurance types, including:

  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance

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Investment Management

Our retirement income services are partnered with portfolio management service providers to aid retirees in minimizing risks, enhancing returns, and establishing a steady flow of income during their many more years.

We adhere to three fundamental principles to safeguard your retirement savings:

  1. Prioritize Affordable Investment Options

Research by Morningstar highlights that the affordability of your investments can be a significant indicator of future yields.

Historically speaking, investments with lower costs have surpassed those with higher costs in terms of performance. Hence, we construct our retirement portfolios with affordable ETFs and index funds, aiming to elevate the success probability of our client’s retirement strategies while diminishing unwarranted risks.

  1. Focus on Tax-Smart Investments

As endorsed by Warren Buffet, we believe in the long-term holding of investments, albeit with a realistic approach tailored for retirement investors.

We advocate for “low turnover” portfolios to avoid the frequent buying and selling of assets, which can incur both apparent and concealed charges, including transaction fees and bid-ask spreads. By opting for investments with a low turnover rate, we strive to enhance your investment yields and lessen tax liabilities.

  1. Choose the Appropriate Asset Categories

Investing wisely is crucial, and not all investment avenues may be suitable for you.

Our partners will emphasize selecting asset categories that:

    • Have a strong backing from scholarly, peer-reviewed research
    • Complement each other well in a diversified portfolio, showcasing low or negative correlation

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Tax Planning

Navigating the financial landscape of retirement can be complex, and without strategic planning, you might find yourself facing a substantial tax bill even in your retirement years.

Our retirement income services are designed to not only minimize your tax liabilities today but also to secure a financially stable future for your retirement. Here is how we achieve this:

  • Comprehensive Annual Tax Review
  • Strategic RRSP/RRIF withdrawals
  • Harmonized Management of Various Income Sources (including pensions, Government Benefits [CPP & OAS], Required Minimum Withdrawals, and more)
  • Optimized Asset Placement

Moreover, we are committed to staying abreast of the fluctuating tax laws, ensuring that you leverage every available opportunity to safeguard your wealth.

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