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We are a team of professionals who are passionate about bringing out the simplicity of investment planning for our clients. Our mission is to take the financial concern and worries out of your life and help improve the financial well-being of everyday Canadians.

Listen to Riley Anderson and learn about why he chose to join InvestorDNA as a Wealth Planner.

Meet The Team

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Caleb Miller, B.Comm

Caleb is a Founding Partner and Managing Director of InvestorDNA. As a leader and a visionary, he spends his time leading and executing the strategic direction of the firm. His oversight of the company includes areas of corporate decisions including: product development, management of company resources, and long term business partnerships and organizational culture.

Caleb is a graduate from the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree. With a passion for helping others and a keen interest in business, Caleb has focused on entrepreneurial endeavours over the last 10 years in areas of construction, real estate, and the financial services industry.

Caleb is a firm advocate of upholding integrity in business and believes that you must do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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Co-Founder, Managing Director

Joey Lam, B.MGT, CHS, EPC

Joey is a Founding Partner and Managing Director of InvestorDNA. He allocates his time between building company strategy and execution of the firms’ direction. His energy, enthusiasm, and passion all come together to build the company on principals of innovation, collaboration, and exceptional client experience.

Joey graduated from the University of Lethbridge, and obtained his Bachelor of Management Degree, where he focused in Finance. Joey has been recognized as having a high degree of expertise in leadership, which he has utilized over the last decade in the financial services industry. Joey is an advocate of demonstrating success and passion in any endeavour, and strives to implement top quality service.

With a commitment to family values and a loyalty to others, Joey makes it a top priority to serve people.

Partner, Business Development

Curtis McKay, CLU

Curtis works in a business development capacity sharing the InvestorDNA experience with new and existing clients. He brings over 25+ years of experience in the financial services industry and is fully proficient in providing a full suite of expertise in wealth accumulation, wealth distribution, and risk management strategies.

Prior to joining InvestorDNA wealth, Curtis worked with one of the largest financial planning firms in Canada.

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Wealth Planner

Riley Anderson, B.MGT, CPA

Riley works as a Wealth Planner and is here to collaborate with clients to create a financial plan that produces and maintains their financial well-being.

He has a background in public accounting and in building financial planning technology. Riley obtained the Chartered Public Accountant (CPA) designation in 2017 and holds a Bachelor of Management degree from the Dhillon School of Business at the Lethbridge College. He is also applying his industry experience and knowledge in Accounting by being a part-time Instructor to the students at Lethbridge College.

Life is full of financial decisions – some you plan for and some you don’t. Riley has a passion for personal finance and can help you build a foundation to guide you through the ups and downs and reach your goals. He specializes in working with professionals and young families (as a father of three he is one himself). If you value planning, but are overwhelmed by the available options, he is here to help.

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Director, Operations

Gloria Trofimova, P.ENG

Gloria is our Director of Operations, bringing a unique skill set to the IDNA team as a Professional Engineer who has a successful combined 9-year career in the Oil & Gas and Robotics Industry, working with clients of varying backgrounds, managing and collaborating on big-budget projects. With an undeniable passion for innovation, technology and positive impact in the lives of others, Gloria uses her combination of experience as an Engineer and Artificial Intelligence Specialist to develop automated tools for the company by streamlining manual workflows, enabling the best solution for ultimate efficiency in all areas of the business as well as provide an intuitive and collaborative SaaS environment.

She values intentional and honest human interactions, believes that it is the fundamental basis for any successful relationship and models this in every area of her personal and work life. She brings a dynamic and technology savvy skillset to the team as well as a natural affinity for people, ensuring smooth flow of the company operations.

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Marketing Strategist

Connor Brown

Connor is a Marketing Specialist at InvestorDNA. With an extensive background in technology, communications & advertising, Connor is excited to help bring value to the InvestorDNA community. Outside of work, Connor is an avid fisherman who enjoys spending time outdoors. In Connor's eyes, marketing & fishing are very similar activities, "You need to understand what the fish is after in order to reel it in". He has an entrepreneurial passion and a ‘get-it-done’ mentality that helps keep the boat moving.

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Marketing Strategist

Shallan Grisé, BBA

As the creative arm of the marketing team, Shallan is always looking for interesting and innovative ways to connect with the InvestorDNA community. She creates content from a unique perspective, combining her academic credentials as Bissett School of Business alum with professional experience ranging from Oil & Gas and agriculture to health & wellness and restaurants.

When she’s not producing content, Shallan might be driving home to Saskatchewan to spend time with her family, restoring her vintage fiberglass camper, or planning her next beach vacation. Most likely, though, she’s at home listening to audiobooks, spoiling her four-legged bff, Lala.

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Social Media Strategist

Carla Kortzman

Carla is the Social Media Strategist at InvestorDNA. She oversees the social media marketing elements of the company including Facebook and LinkedIn. With over 9 years of customer service experience and working in various positions, she brings a unique and diverse perspective to the team. Carla has a background in Communications as well as Early Childhood Education. Having caught the travel bug, she spent a couple years with an Australian organization teaching English in Malaysia and the Philippines, and volunteered at local out-of-school programs for school-age children and implemented creative arts programs. Her passion for people and lifelong learning allows her to create that interpersonal and inclusive feel at InvestorDNA.

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