Caleb and Riley are joined by Mary Morency a Retirement coach and co-author of “Rethinking Retirement”.

Mary, is a ”retired” Human Resources and Organizational Development leader with over 30 years of experience, Mary has always been passionate about developing human talent and facilitating change within organizations and with individuals. She views her Retirement Coaching practice as a continuation of a lifelong passion for helping people develop their potential. She is convinced that in retirement, ”the best is yet to be!” Mary works with her colleague, Jeannette Lalonde, Jeannette Lalonde, who could not join us today, and together they co-authored the book “Rethinking Retirement”.

Based in Montreal, Mary and Jeannette are helping individuals prepare for a balanced lifestyle, remain positive, and flourish during their retirement years.

Learn more about:

  • The stages of transition into retirement and how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of each phase.
  • Insights into the four key areas crucial for a flourishing retirement: contribution, well-being, connection, and purpose, as outlined by experienced retirement coaches.
  • Personal stories of transition from successful careers to retirement coaching, providing real-life examples of adapting to change.


Hosted by Caleb Miller and Riley Anderson of InvestorDNA

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