Caleb and Riley discuss retirement packages and the various legal contracts we sometimes call buyout contacts. For example, Telus recently announced some downsizing they were doing this year, offering buyout package to 2,000 employees. If there is a desire for your employer to send you off into retirement, then we want to make sure you maximize your compensation and benefits, and really understand the lay of the land and what you should consider. So let’s talk buyout packages

Learn more about:

  • The financial benefits and implications that are commonly found in buyout packages
  • Insights on why they may want to “yes” or why they may want to “no” to accepting an employers offer
  • Buyout packages as a part of the retirement journey. Sometimes our employers tell us to leave before we tell them we are leaving and this can be beneficial or a challenge.

Hosted by Caleb Miller and Riley Anderson of InvestorDNA

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