Caleb and Riley are joined by Dino Camire, coach to Gail-Ann Breese who at age 62 has been setting local, national and world records in powerlifting. Dino is the owner of One Family Fitness Centre in Winnipeg where he trains people of all ages. Dino shares why weight training is so important, even more so in retirement and how it is vital to remaining independent as we age.

Learn more about:

  • The story of Gail-Ann, a 62 year old women who recently became a world champion powerlifter
  • How to lift weights even at older ages, with out experience, safely and consistently.
  • The benefits of weight training just 2 days a week and how it offsets the natural muscle loss that accelerates with aging.


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Hosted by Caleb Miller and Riley Anderson of InvestorDNA

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