Caleb and Riley are excited to be joined by Joseph Curry, President & Financial Planner at Matthews + Associates. Joe is passionate about helping clients create a good plan for a great retirement. He works to create retirement income strategies that assist clients to reduce their lifetime taxes, and ensures they don’t outlive their money. Sound familiar? Caleb, Riley and Joseph are on a very similar mission to help retirees and people within a few years of retirement achieve what Joe calls, “True Wealth”.

Learn more about:

  • The formula to determine how much to withdraw from your investments each year, so that you have the highest income without jeopardizing your financial security.
  • How to strategically combine your household income sources each year to minimize taxes and maximize income
  • An important reason Joe thinks you should carefully consider when you begin taking your CPP and OAS.

Hosted by Caleb Miller and Riley Anderson of InvestorDNA

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