Get ready for a unique episode! Today Caleb and Riley share their most favourite moments, learnings, and research over the first year of doing this podcast. It’s all killer no filler. If you want the cream of the crop; if you want to know what are those fantastic learnings, mysteries, insights that will elevate your retirement from zero to hero, then this episode is for you. Get a recap on the best learning from prior episodes and afterwards you may even want revisit those episodes and dig deeper into the discussion and the material.

Learn more about:

  • Our most favourite moments, learnings, and research from the first 50 episodes
  • The key ideas, concepts, thought processes presented over 2022 that continue to be useful in 2023
  • Our favourite podcasts guests and their advice on how to live a robust retirement


Hosted by Caleb Miller and Riley Anderson of InvestorDNA

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