Today, Caleb and Riley are talking about a brand new innovative retirement product that has hit the market. Canada’s rollout of the “Tontine!” For North America it is a product that is exclusively available for Canadians. This is exciting because anything we can do to out do our American neighbours to the South is a win in our books. It’s also exciting because it was developed to specifically address an area that is near and dear to our hearts, a problem coined as “the retirement dilemma”.

Learn more about:

  • Canada’s new innovative retirement solutions to address todays ‘retirement dilemma’.
  • A basic understanding of what a tontine is and how it works and why it could be an important product for retirees.
  • What others are saying about these products and the risks and concerns that should be considered.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “When it comes to the ‘retirement dilemma’, guard rails solves this from a financial planning perspective. Tontines however offers a solution from an investment product perspective.“
  • “In Canada today people are living longer then ever before…the number of Canadians aged 85 or older has actually doubled since 2001 and researchers have said it could triple by 2046.“


Hosted by Caleb Miller and Riley Anderson of InvestorDNA

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