Welcome to Awe-Inspired and Retired! Caleb and Riley discuss how to know if it’s a good time to retire and whether we should delay retirement during economic downturns. A lot of people have retired over the last 200 years and we dive into what made the best and worst times to retire in history. Having a robust retirement isn’t about waiting for the best economic cycle, rather it’s knowing what you can control and having a system in place to deal with the risks.

Learn more about:

  • What were the best and worst times to retire in the last 200 years
  • Why trying to time retirement might be as flawed as trying to time the market
  • The #1 way to alleviate stock market risk in retirement using a rules based approach

Memorable Quotes:

  • “You don’t have control over: sequence, inflation, returns. You do have control over your withdrawals though! And our analysis shows making smart adjustments can save most retirement situations.”
  • “If you are approaching retirement during a volatile economic period, you’re not the first—plenty of people have retired despite challenging economic situations. History is our greatest teacher: Recessions and market uncertainty of the past can have important lessons for how we approach retirement in the current economic environment. We just have to apply those lessons to our situation.”


Hosted by Caleb Miller and Riley Anderson of InvestorDNA

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